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In the will of openess and exchange characterizing research worldwide, the Business Model Community (BMC) has been created in 2008 to share theoretical arguments and empirical research on business models. The ultimate goal is to create cumulative knowledge and fill the gap between academics and practitioners, This website launched in May 2008 has been enriched progressively thanks to the contributions of researchers worldwide. Early 2014, BMC encompasses more than 300 scholars in the world.


We invite scholars rooted in any discipline (economics, strategy, marketing, information systems, HRM, finance…) to become members of the community (being included in the research directory) and to send their working papers, call for papers or announcements.


Every member of the Business Model Community will receive the BMC Newsletter.


Authors from any discipline may consider a submission of their working papers related to business models. Practitioners may also submit their reflections and analyses on the topic. Both theoretical papers and quantitative or qualitative analyses are welcome. Papers concerning any kind of organizations (firms, non-profit organizations, government….) and any industry are welcome. Papers may be submitted in any language.


Working papers of the Business Model Community are more and more downloaded and cited.


Register and submit your working papers and slides so that our community becomes over time more comprehensive and larger !



A call for paper fot the 19th Academic Design Management Conference, London, September 2-4, 2014. Special Track on business models. http://www.dmi.org/


The "Business Model Buzz" which is a 12 hour business model marathon. chn@business.aau.dk


The ESRC Research Seminar Series about "Business models : Rationale, applications and interorganizationality" Gwen.Coombs@uwe.ac.uk


A call for papers for the 30th EGOS Colloquium. Special track on business models. http://www.egosnet.org/home


A call for papers for the 14th EURAM Annual Conference. Special track on business models. http://www.euram-online.org/





What is a Business Model ?

In a basic sense, the business model is about how a company organizes to sustain itself. It draws on a multitude of subjects including entrepreneurship, strategy, organization, finance, marketing and operations management. In a more developed approach, business models are the choices (in terms of deployed resources and competences, value propositions, and internal/external organization) made by a firm to operate (Demil and Lecocq, 2010). Business model is a concept that is now crucial for entrepreneurship and that constitute a very promising perspective for research in strategic management, based on a pragmatic innovative approach. Indeed, rather than competitive advantage, business model approach stresses the revenue generation process and its consequence on profit. The burst of the business model terminology has led more and more scholars rooted in disciplines ranging from information systems to economics to study business models. Business Models raised questions related to innovation processes, entrepreneurship, organization, marketing and strategic management. As a support to the researchers and practitioners, we have created the business model community. We hope to lead to a greater understanding of the business model concept and of the best practices on business models decision and implementation.


Latest announcements



  • EURAM 2015, Track 13 Strategic Management. Submission is open until the 13 January 2015, 2pm Brussels time


  • EGOS 2015, Sub-theme 65: Translating the Business Model into Action: Practice and Performativity Submission is open until Monday, January 12, 2015, 23:59:59 Central European Time (CET)


  • AOM 2015 The deadline for all submissions is January 13, 2015 at 5:00p.m. (NY Time).


  • Journal of Business Strategy : « Business Models and Business Model Innovation, Insights for Practitioners »

Guest Editors:  V. Mangematin, Grenoble Ecole de Management, France A. Ravarini, Università Carlo Cattaneo, Italy P. Sharkey Scott, Maynooth University, Ireland

Deadline for submission : 30th septembre 2015 


  • A Call for paper for the International Journal of Technology Management : « Leveraging Technological Change : The role of Business Models and Ecosystems »

Submission of manuscripts, 31st October 2014

Guest Editors :

Prof. Pierre-Jean Benghozi, École Polytechnique and CNRS, France
Prof. Thierry Rayna, ESG Management School, France
Dr. Elisa Salvador, École Polytechnique, France
Dr. Ludmila Striukova, University College London, United Kingdom




  • A call for paper for the Journal of Strategy and Management : « Green and sustainable innovations in Smart Cities: Business Models and Ecosystems »


Academic Workshop - Nice, 6th February, 2015 preparing for Special issue call for papers from Journal of Strategy and Management :




 for A call for papers for the 19th DMI: Academic Design Management Conference, London, United Kingdom, September 2-4, 2014. Special track on business models: Sub-theme 5d)  “Design(ers) thinking and disruptive business model innovation: creating mental models or tangible models?” by P. Badke-Schaub and L.W.L.Simonse. More information : http://www.dmi.org/dmi/html/conference/academic14/conference_tracks.h


   “The Business Model Buzz” which is a 12 hour business model marathon. Visionary thinkers and innovative practitioners gathered to interact, learn and apply the latest methods and advanced tools on business modelling. On March 27, in Aalborg. More information : chn@business.aau.dk



-     The ESRC Research Seminar Series about “Business models: Rationale, applications and interorganizationality”, London, 7 February 2014. Further information from : Gwen.Coombs@uwe.ac.uk



-     A call for papers for the 30th EGOS Colloquium, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, July 3-5, 2014. Special track on business models: Sub-theme 27 “Business models and strategies: Organizations and alternative forms of organizing” by S. Häfliger, C. Baden-Fuller and V. Mangematin. More information : http://www.egosnet.org/home



-     A call for papers for the 14th EURAM Annual Conference, Valencia, Spain, June 4-7, 2014. Special track on business models: Sub-theme 6 “Innovation” and Sub-theme 14 “Strategic Management”. More information : http://www.euram-online.org/



-     A call for papers for a special issue on the topic: “Business Model for sustainability” The Journal Organization and Environment. For details, please either download the file attached herewith or visit: http://ow.ly/nq319 



-         The editors-in-chief of the Journal of Business Models are proud to announce that it will be airing its first issues. The inaugural issue will be launched over the period of January to June 2014 and also a special issue from the NFF conference in Iceland with the title "The business model eruption: how game changing mind sets challenge existing nodes of business" will be ready early in the year. Check out the website here: http://journals.aau.dk/index.php/JOBM/index We are welcoming all research contributions from the Business Model Community. On top of that, practitioner contributions and book reviews are also most welcome. As we are sustaining a double-blind review process, we would urge you to sign up as reviewers here: http://journals.aau.dk/index.php/JOBM/information/authors and by sending a hint of interest to Christian Nielsen on chn@business.aau.dk.




      A call for applications for a 2 year post-doc position in management of creativity and innovation, at Beta-Strasbourg.




      A call for applications for the position of full time faculty, global entertainment and music business in the Berklee 

V    Valencia Graduate Studies.




-     A call for papers for a special issue on the topic: “Unveiling the economic rationale behind the social business model” The Journal Social Business. For details, please either download the file attached herewith or visit: http://www.westburn-publishers.com/sb-call-for-papers/unveiling-the-economic-rationale-behind-the-social-business-model.html



      Special News : The paper "Crowdsourcing as a solution to distant search" written by Christopher Tucci and Allan Afuah, won the Award for Best Academy of Management Review, Article of the year 2012. Congrats !  


SialSpecial Issue on “Business Model Innovation”, Edited by Joakim Björkdahl and Magnus Holmén. Now published in the International Journal of Product Development (IJPD), 2013 Vol. 18 No. 3/4. The Special issue can be accessed at :




SpeSpecial Issue of R&D Management, “Business Model Innovation”, Edited by Patrick Spieth, Joan Ricart and Dirk Schneckenberg. The deadline for submissions is 31st July 2013 and the special issue is intended for publication in early 2014.



-         Call for paper for Advances in Strategic Management Series. “Business Models and Organizations”, Edited by Charles Baden-Fuller and Vincent Mangematin. Submission Deadline: May 15, 2014. For questions regarding the content of this AiSM volume, the editorial process, or to submit a paper, please contact the volume editors: Charles Baden-Fuller (volume editor), c.baden-fuller@city.ac.uk or Vincent Mangematin (volume editor),Vincent.mangematin@grenoble-em.com



-         Journal of Business Models. Our colleagues from CREBS in Aalborg are launching the brand new Journal of Business Models. Here is the URL of the journal: http://journals.aau.dk/index.php/JBM. To register as an author and submit:, please go to http://journals.aau.dk/index.php/JBM/information/authors